WECHEC – Field trip guidelines

Field Trip Guidelines

As we begin another year of homeschooling, we must address a problem that has arisen in the past affecting the smooth running of field trips.  People with good intentions sign up for outings and then back out without informing the organizers.  In some cases, this has resulted in the organizer paying registrations for the children who did not attend.  Sometimes it has meant that the field trip hosts have hired additional staff for our group which were not needed.

Secondly, students have occasionally misbehaved on outings and made it difficult for others to enjoy themselves.  This has also resulted in some field trips no longer being open to homeschoolers!  Is this the message we wish to convey to the world about homeschoolers?!?

As a result, we request that you read over the guidelines listed for field trip behaviour.  Be as respectful as possible to the organizers and be responsible for your children.

1.  Respect for the instructors and facilities will be shown always, and a child who receives two cautions for misbehaviour will be asked to leave by the organizers or instructor.   This is not only to ensure the smooth running of the trip for other children, but in many cases to protect the safety of the child involved.

2.  Most facilities will not offer refunds in the event of non-attendance or in cases of absence due to inappropriate behaviour.

3.  Each of us is responsible for the behaviour and safety of our own children at activities.  Although we are all happy to see our friends (moms, that means you too!), our first priority is the supervision of our own children.  Keep them at arms reach!

4.  Commitments made to attend trips should be kept, because guides and preparations for attendance are arranged based on the number of people who are expected.

5.  If you must cancel attendance at a field trip, please notify the organizer.  Often there are people on waiting lists who could fill your spot.  This also saves us waiting to start, assuming that you are attending.

6.  Try your very best to be ON TIME.

Remember, we are representing homeschooling to the world around us.  If we are tardy, misbehaved, or fail to even show up, this does not showcase homeschooling in a positive light.   If the rules above seem harsh, they unfortunately have become necessary to protect the reputation of our group in our community.

Thank you for your consideration.

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