Where can I find other homeschoolers in Windsor & Essex County?

When you first start homeschooling you can feel so alone.  These groups are a great way to find other homeschoolers in the Windsor and Essex County (CANADA) areas.  Please only request to join these groups if you actually live locally, otherwise you might be removed.


homeschoolers in Essex county (On, Canada)

Windsor/Essex County Events of Interest to Homeschoolers

Family Village Homeschool Association

Windsor/Essex County Homeschool Activity Group

Local Buy/Sell/Trade Curriculum for Homeschoolers of Windsor/Essex County

Windsor/Essex Homeschoolers – Resources & Support

CLEP for Windsor & Essex Homeschoolers

Harambee Homeschooling-Canada

Monday morning Central Library Group – We are a secular group that advocates inclusion and acceptance. All are welcome. The main ages are preschool to 12.





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