Homeschooling in Ontario


Yes! Homeschooling is legal in Ontario.

You are legally allowed to homeschool your children in Ontario. We suggest that you take the time to read what the Ontario Education Act says. Specifically sections 21(2)(a) and 24(2).

  • 21(2)(a) the person is receiving satisfactory instruction at home or elsewhere;
  • 24(2) Where the parent or guardian of a child considers that the child is excused from attendance at school under subsection 21 (2), and the appropriate school attendance counsellor or the Provincial School Attendance Counsellor is of the opinion that the child should not be excused from attendance, the Provincial School Attendance Counsellor shall direct that an inquiry be made as to the validity of the reason or excuse for non-attendance and the other relevant circumstances, and for such purpose shall appoint one or more persons who are not employees of the board that operates the school that the child has the right to attend to conduct a hearing and to report to the Provincial School Attendance Counsellor the result of the inquiry and may, by order in writing signed by him or her, direct that the child,

(a) be excused from attendance at school; or

(b) attend school,

Here is Ontario’s homeschooling policy. It explains procedures for parents, school boards and resources you can access as a homeschooling parent.

Can I still homeschool while on ODSP?

Yes! If you start reading on page 6 you can see the ODSP Summary of Legislation.

Can I homeschool while on Ontario Works?

Yes, you can. For more information about homeschooling with Ontario Works please check out the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents and their page about Ontario Works.

Do I need to contact the school board if my child was previously enrolled?

Yes. You must send them a “Letter of Intent.” You can find an example over at Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents on their page Letter of Intent to Homeschool.  IF your child has never been enrolled in a school board you do not need to send a Letter of Intent. You can learn more about the Policy/Program Memorandum # 131 over at the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents website.

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