Legal Help

In Ontario we are very blessed with easy legal policies concerning homeschooling.  There are also many groups that represent us at all levels of government.  Take some time to check out these websites for more information if you have any legal questions.

   OFTP legal help

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (OFTP)

is a provincial homeschooling support and advocacy group. A non-profit association run by volunteer members, OFTP provides information about home learning, enables networking among its members, and serves as an advocacy group and link between the homeschooling community and the provincial government. Open to all, inclusive of all languages, all faiths/philosophies, and all educational styles.

 OCHEC legal help

The Ontario Christian Home Educators’ Connection (OCHEC)

is a Christian organization. It bases all of its policies and actions on Christian principles and takes the Bible as its moral and spiritual guide. Officers of the Board of Directors, staff members, and Area Representatives must be believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  OCHEC functions as a network in the Province of Ontario that seeks to link together individual home schooling families, home education support groups and private schools whose members are home educators. We endeavour to provide advice, encouragement, ideas and resources to all our members through research and dissemination of information at meetings, conferences and in a regularly published newsletter. Chapters do not have to be designated as Christian in order to belong to OCHEC.  Also, remember if you join your local Mothers Supporting (M)Others group you automatically become a member of OCHEC, click here for more details.

 HSLDA legal help

Home School Legal Defence Association

Across Canada HSLDA protects and empowers homeschooling families. Take some time to check out their website for more information.  Also, remember you can receive a discount to join HSLDA if you join your local Mothers Supporting (M)Others group, click here for more details.
HSLDA’s mission is to enable, empower, and protect Canadian home educators. As times change, our member families can be assured that HSLDA will be there to encourage and enable new families to home educate, empower existing families to home educate to the best of their ability, and protect families across the country from whatever challenges may come their way.

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