WECHEC – Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Windsor Essex Christian Home Educator Connection (WECHEC) is a Christian support group for families involved in home education.  Leadership shall base all its policies and actions on Christian principles and shall take the Bible as its moral and spiritual guide. We rest on the premise that home education is a calling from God, and that by His Grace we prosper.   All positions of authority, including board members must be believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Our group is open to all, to provide support and fellowship for new and active home education families

Membership Expectations

1)  Membership is open to all homeschooling families who pay $10.00 yearly dues.  Out of the $10.00, we send $4.52  to OCHEC  (Ontario Christian Home Education Connection,) for our chapter membership, and the rest is used unexpected costs associated with organizational pursuits and to build and maintain the website.  Membership includes placement on the email chain.

2)  Field trips are intended to supplement the home education experience and are not for prospective families.  Prospective families are encouraged to attend meetings as well as general summer Park Days and the Curriculum Fair arranged by the group.  Various activities may also be arranged throughout the year that would be suitable for those interested, but not yet engaged, in home educating their children.

**You must confirm attendance at field trips by calling or e-mailing the person who has planned the trip.  Sometimes there is a restriction on the number of people who can attend due to the space limitations of the places we visit.  Every effort is made to accommodate everyone, but to avoid disappointment and confusion it is imperative that you confirm your attendance.  If for some reason after signing up for a field trip you find you are unable to attend, please notify the person planning the trip as there is sometimes a waiting list or a cost involved if people fail to attend.

All members are encouraged to contribute ideas for and/or plan field trips.  Please don’t allow the same people to do the work all the time.

3)  The Email Chain is made up of dues paying members unless they request not to be on it.  The chain is intended to keep participating members informed of homeschool-organized events, field trips, cancellations and prayer requests.  It is only for dues paying members so our privacy will be maintained.

Please notification via e-mail to:  wechec.ca@gmail.com if you have an announcement or request you would like to see on the chain.

Social Media Personal Privacy Policy

In order to respect the personal privacy of WECHEC members, please do not post any WECHEC members personal names, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses to any social media sites.  Likewise, please do not post WECHEC event information to any social media site, unless you have permission from the event organizer(s).

September 2016

To read our  Field trip guidelines click here.

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