Letter of Intent

If your child has already be enrolled in a school board.

As a parent or guardian, you can choose to withdraw your children from your local school system to homeschool them at any time of the year.

There is one requirement.

You must send the school board notification in writing that you intend to homeschool.

letter of intent

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents has a great page with downloadable versions of the Letter of Intent.

The OFTP also suggests, “It is both common sense and common courtesy to also provide written notification to the principal of the school the child has been attending, for example by sending a copy of the letter of intent that was sent to the school board. In this way, the child will not be considered truant but will be understood to be excused from attendance under section 21(2)(a) of the Education Act.”

You should receive a letter back from the school board stating they received your letter.  Keep it filed safely.  You will need this letter if you wish to access services such as:

  • correspondence courses offered by the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) run by TVO
  • to gain access to CCAC services
  • for the child to be eligible to be included in the benefit unit when the parent is on ODSP or Ontario Works assistance

If they don’t send a letter back and you need one to access these services you can request one.  Just ask, they are usually great to respond.

If your child has NEVER been enrolled in a school board.

If your child has never been enrolled in any school board system then it is your decision if you wish to file a Letter of Intent of not. You are not required to do so under PPM #131 if your child has never been enrolled.


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