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Registration form

Please click the following link to print out the WECHEC Registration Form  

Windsor-Essex Homeschool Debate Team

The Windsor-Essex Homeschool Debate Team “You may not be conscious of the fact that debate occurs in every walk of life, not only in legislative bodies. Actually, every situation that asks you to compare alternatives forces you to debate the

WECHEC Constitution

Windsor Essex Christian Home Educator Connection Constitution Article 1 – Definition The Windsor Essex Christian Home Educator Connection (WECHEC) is a Christian organization. It shall base all of its policies and actions on Christian principles and shall take the Bible

Windsor Swim Lessons

WFCU Homeschool Swimming Lessons Homeschool swimming lessons available on Fridays at the WINDSOR at the WFCU centre (8787 McHugh). Fall lessons: September 15- December 1st Classes begin at 1pm depending on your level. Cost is $82/12 lessons Lessons are 30

What is a homeschool co-op?

A homeschool co-op is a group of homeschooling parents who come together in cooperation to provide educational and social activities for their children.  A co-op can be as small as two families purposing to work together to rotate teaching specific